There will be some upcoming road closures on ELOR.  These will be needed to enable us to undertake resurfacing works.  The drawing below shows the dates road space has been booked.   The A6120 Ring Road, Shadwell, A58 & A64 resurfacing will take place over 2 weekends within this timescale (The roads will only be closed over the 2 selected weekends).  The schedule on the drawing shows the dates we are currently planning to undertake the works.  This could be subject to change.

Leeds Road, Scholes will be closed from 19:00 on 23rd July until 06:00 on 6th September.  This is to allow extensive online construction work to take place. Due to the level difference from existing road to the new junction and narrow width of the existing road, there are no options other than the full road closure. The six weeks closure is the shortest time we feel is required to build the new junction and we will be working hard during this time to achieve the goal of constructing it. We are unable to provide local traffic access, however, we will be installing a temporary walkway around the works for pedestrians and cyclists.

The advance notice signs will be placed out in the next few weeks.  We will be undertaking a social media campaign for the Leeds Road closure and each of the weekend closures when the dates are finalised.   If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at