Please see below details of bus services during Leeds Road Closure, including the provision of a Free shuttle bus:

Closure of Leeds Road (between Pendas Fields and Scholes) from 1900, Friday 23 July to Sunday 5 September 2021

11 11A diverting between Seacroft Bus Station and Pendas Fields via Ring Rd Seacroft and Barwick Road

A free shuttle bus service run by Elite Travel is in operation between Aberford & Seacroft Bus Station via Barwick-in-Elmet and Scholes

To Seacroft Bus Station

Monday to Saturday

Commence Aberford Main St, Old Café: 0700 then hourly at 00 until 2300


Commence Aberford Main St, Old Café: 0900 then hourly at 00 until 2300

To Aberford

Monday to Saturday

Commence Seacroft Bus Stn, Stand D: 0730, then hourly at 30 until 2330


Commence Seacroft Bus Stn, Stand D: 0830, then hourly at 30 until 2330

Service 64 will operate in two sections:

1) From Leeds City Centre via normal route to Cross Gates, Austhorpe Road (serving Pendas Fields Estate) – Then return to Leeds City Centre via same route

2) Between Cross Gates (Austhorpe Road) and Aberford via Scholes and Barwick-in-Elmet

 Timetable for 64 Leeds City Centre, to Cross Gates

Monday to Saturday 

From Infirmary Street: 0733 0803 1710 and 1740

From Vicar Lane (Victoria P): 0839, 0909 then at 39 and 09 until 1639 then 1812 and 1842

 Monday to Saturday

From Austhorpe Road (45010514) to Leeds City Centre: 0722, 0800 0825 0855 0925 then at 55 and 25 until 1655 then 1730 1800 1830 and 1900

Timetable for route 64 service, Aberford to Cross Gates

Monday to Saturday

Aberford Main Street, Old Café: 0625, then hourly at 25 until 1825

Monday to Saturday

Austhorpe Road (Weatherspoon’s) (45010515) to Aberford 0755 then hourly at 55 until 1655 then at 1800 and 1900).

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    (7am-8pm, Monday to Saturday and 8am to 8pm on Sunday and Bank Holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day).
  • Email: for non-urgent enquiries
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ELOR Leeds Road closure notice